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Jason Medley - CEO & Chief Connector at "The Collective Genius" Real Estate Mastermind

About Your Hosts:

Jason Medley is the CEO and Founder of The Collective Genius R.E. Mastermind. "CG" is comprised of over 140 Market Leading Investors That Flip North of 20,000 Homes Annually Along with Lenders That Fund Billions Of Dollars Each Year.

"CG's" mission is to passionately help our privileged members create an amazing lifestyle through growing and PROTECTING their real estate businesses by providing an environment that fosters community, connection, collaboration and contribution.

John Burns John Burns Is The CEO and Founder of John Burns Real Estate Consulting And Is The Most Sought After Economist/Data Provider For The Nation's Largest Home Builders, Private Equity Firms, Institutional Investors, Single Family Rental Operators And Building Product Companies Such As Home Depot.

His data and economic reports are utilized by the most respected names in the housing market to make big strategic moves and to determine the strategy and vision for their companies moving forward.

Webinar Date | Time

Friday, April 17th 12:00 p.m.

Here's What We'll Be Covering in Detail:

  • The 4 Strategic Steps Every Wholesaler, Rehabber, and Landlord Must Take In Order To Survive "THE GAP" Between An Economic Expansion And An Economic Recession.
  • How To Know If The Market Shift Is Here To Stay In Your Backyard And What To Do About It If It is.
  • How To Adjust Your Business Based On The Potential Of Declining Sales And Inventory Levels.
  • Will The Wall Street Capital Markets Return With New Liquidity To Turbo Charge The Housing Market Again Or Have They Found a New Home In The Stock Market Because Of Better Returns... And What To Do To Fund Your Deals In Either Scenario.
  • Will Housing Prices Be Higher Or Lower Over The Next Six Months And How Will That Impact Your "BUY BOX"?

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