Real Estate Investing MasterMind

Are You Looking To Raise Capital, Deploy Capital And Joint Venture With High Caliber Real Estate Investors From Across The Nation?

Jason Medley CEO The Collective Genius
Hi, my name is Jason Medley,

I’m the Founder of Collective Genius. We Call It “CG” For Short

If you’re looking to raise capital, deploy capital, or joint venture with seasoned real estate investors...

Then let me introduce you to some of our Collective Genius members who are already doing it.

Raise MILLIONS in Private Funding

Right Inside the Community

Tim was in a jam. He needed to raise equity for a 730-unit multifamily deal.

So, Tim shot me a text ... And I hooked him up with Mike Zlotnik ... another CG member!

This deal was HUGE, and Tim was afraid he wasn’t going to be able to pull it off because his financing fell through.

Between myself, Mike Zlotnik and another CG’er, Connie Wang, we got Tim’s deal done in under 72 hours.

Tim was ecstatic…

"The best part is, Tim just texted myself, Mike, and Connie that we're getting an offer to take us all out for a big exit.

Also, let me tell you right up front this is going to be a long letter. That’s because I’m going to keep stacking the proof.  So, if you know you’re ready, apply now.

Also, before you do, please know that we are truly looking for the right fit for our organization.

If we approve your application, we'll spend some time determining if we're a fit and if we are, cool. If not, no sweat.

If We Are, We Both Still Have 30 Days To Change Our Minds.

Inside Of The First 30 Days If Either Of Us Changes Our Mind, We'll Simply Refund All Of Your Money. 

No Questions Asked.

Then there's Dave Payerchin.

Dave has a "C Class" rental portfolio. 

Which means the majority of the homes are in the $45K range. And banks won’t lend anything less than $50K.

So, Dave needs private money to fund his deals.

So I introduced him to another CG member, Dr. Phelps

Dr. Phelps runs an organization that teaches dentists to invest in private mortgages and rental properties.

And those dentists were eager to get their money working for them. So, they were happy to fund Dave’s deals.

Since that introduction 5 years ago, Dave has borrowed more than $18.5m from the dentists in Dr. Phelp's group!

So, suffice to say that Dave Payerchin doesn’t have any issue getting private money any more.

And then There's Tony Isbell...

Tony had a $7.5 million, 95-unit portfolio under contract in Birmingham, AL. and he needed to raise the debt on the deal.

At his 2nd CG meeting ever, Tony met Lance Spencer. Lance funded over $5 million on the project.

With Lance’s funding help... Tony Got The Deal Done! His Biggest Deal Ever!

Joint Venture with Other Members on $5.2m Deals to Create Immediate Cash Flow AND Build Long-Term Wealth

CG member Jon Carcone is a wholesaler and a lead gen wizard.

Jon’s mainly a flipper. But he decided to generate Self-Storage deals for long term wealth.

So, he used his Marketing Prowess to bring in Self-Storage Deals.

That’s when he realized he had a big problem. He had no clue how to underwrite and structure those deals.

But he knew the CG family would have his back . He reached out to fellow CG member, Fernando Angelucci.

Fernando Is A Self-Storage Expert...

They Ended Up Partnering 50/50 On A 234-Unit Deal.

 Here’s Fernando Breaking Down The Deal On Facebook

Jon and Fernando quickly moved on to deal #2, a $5.2 million portfolio in Kansas.

With this deal, they needed to get creative with the financing.

So, they tapped seller-financing genius, and long-time CG member, Eddie Speed to help out.

Eddie told them exactly how to structure the deal with seller financing. And they got the deal done.

Fernando Broke Down The Deal For Fellow CG Members Inside The Facebook Group…

If you want to build a team that quickly and smoothly scales your business past $500K months…

All while taking more time off...

Then listen to Eric Brewer’s story.

When Eric first came to CG, he was already pretty successful, money-wise. But he didn't really have the team culture to support his future visions for his company.

Because of that, he was really struggling to attract, hire, train, and retain key employees. 

And even when he did hire top performers he struggled as a leader to create a culture of accountability because his KPIs and systems weren't dialed in tight. 

It’s pretty tough to hold your team accountable when you don't have a grip on your numbers and systems.

So, Eric Was Flipping A Lot Of Houses, But He Wasn't Really Running A House-Flipping Business.

He was only doing retail rehabs.  Nothing wrong with that, if that’s your thing.  But the way Eric was doing it, it was burning him out.

Dealing with retail buyers, every deal was different.  And the stress of managing a handful of deals a year was killing him.

Plus, his business model was capped. He was making decent money, but he couldn’t scale.

He had zero time to spend with his family or on his hobbies. Vacation was just a pipe dream. And he always felt guilty. Like he should be doing something different.

Then he found CG.

And CG put him on the Fast Track to the life he'd always dreamed of.

 How Eric Brewer Took His “Maxed Out” Real Estate Business and Made it Scale  

Inside CG, Eric discovered his new business model that he loves: turnkey rentals.

Now, let me be clear.  I’m not saying you should get into turnkey rentals.  This is just one of many examples of how CG has helped scale real estate businesses.  There are many different paths.

Turnkey did work for Eric, though.

Instead of rehabbing houses for retail buyers, Eric now takes a cookie-cutter approach.

He uses direct mail and television to find motivated sellers.

(You’ll see later how we saved him $35K a year in direct mail costs alone.)

Then he sells hundreds of those homes via MULTIPLE CG MEMBERS that I connected him to.

Here’s one of several text messages I sent to hook Eric up with those CG members…

By Systemizing both the Buying and Selling, Eric has eliminated most of the headaches in his business.

He just has his team just repeat the same process over and over....

It’s a well-oiled money machine.

The only thing Eric was missing was the capital to grow as fast as he wanted.

So, CG set him up with that too.

We helped set him up with a $2 million line of credit.

Having The Right Buying System, The Right Selling System, and proper capitalization was all Eric needed to SCALE…

The Results?

Sold 200 Turnkey Units To CONNECTIONS Met Inside CG In The First 18 Months Alone

$500K per month in gross profit…

And Go On To Do...

$3 million a year in NET profit

And Maybe the Best Part of All?

Eric now takes far more time off to spend with his family.

And even to travel with fellow CG members…

That’s Eric and some other CG members in Zihuantanejo, Mexico.

These guys genuinely love spending time together.

Anyway, Eric’s life is now 180 degrees different, thanks to the systems, strategies, and connections he got in CG.

If you’re still wondering if the return on investment for CG makes sense, let me point out that Eric’s ROI has been:

$3 Million a Year in Net Profit


$35K Savings on Direct Mail

Plus, he has a ton more time off to do the things he loves. And a lot less headaches in his business.

What’s the return on investment for all of that?

Again, let me be clear…

I’m NOT telling you to start doing turnkey like Eric did.

In fact, Eric still does retail rehabbing, because he loves it.

I’m telling you that CG puts members on the Fast Track to their very best lives. Your way will probably be different than his.

But, whatever your path is, CG gives you a shortcut.

That’s because we’ve got the most diversified investor mastermind in the country.

Single family … multi-family … apartments … self-storage … note buyers … land buyers … turn-key providers … mobile homes … new construction … commercial … and service providers … we do it all.

Here’s the point…

If you want to get there the slow way, do that. But if you want speed, like Eric did, then look to CG.

Also, let me tell you right up front this is going to be a long letter. That’s because I’m going to keep stacking the proof. So, if you know you’re ready, apply now.

Also, before you do, please know that we are truly looking for the right fit for our organization.

If we approve your application, we'll spend some time determining if we're a fit and if we are, cool. If not, no sweat.

If we are, we both still have 30 days to change our minds.

Inside of the first 30 days if either of us changes our mind, we'll simply refund all of your money. 

No questions asked.

Before I continue showing you how effective The Collective Genius Mastermind is at helping people like you scale their business...

Allow me to explain what a mastermind is, in case you haven’t heard the term before.

A mastermind is a group of people working towards a common goal. People that give and share freely to help their fellow members succeed.

There’s a lot of leeway in that definition.

Which is why mastermind groups operate so differently. Most are just groups of people that talk, but nothing much gets done.

At CG, we're comprised of 145 of the nation's market leading Real Estate investors.

We act as each others Board Of Directors.

We share our systems, strategies & resources. We buy and sell properties to each other.

We lend and borrow money from each other. We invest in syndications together.

We joint venture on projects together. 

The Key to Having CG Help You Scale Your Business

The real key here is our: “Go-Giving” Culture.

That means our members actively give to one another - without expectation of ‘getting’ in return.

Which is part of what makes the group so magical.

So, Eric Brewer isn’t hoarding his knowledge.

Just as Eric received ideas, connections, and capital from the group…

He’s paying it forward to help others.

Like The time he helped Rob Neidlinger, an Investor in Pennsylvania Make a Quick $83K…

I’m going to show you plenty of more proof.

But first, let me ask you a question

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

I told you earlier that we have over 145 members. Every one of them is a star investor in their market.

And every single one of them, during our enrollment call, admitted something remarkable.

They admitted that they were the reason they’d been stuck and stagnant for so long. That they were their own worst enemy.

They told us they were the limiting factor in their business.

They couldn’t find enough leads … or couldn’t find enough money to fund more deals … or couldn’t manage people … or couldn’t find enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Some of them even confided in us that they were scared to make all the big decisions on their own. And terrified that their business was a house of cards and was going to fall down around them.

I understand...

Running your own show is fantastic. But it can be downright lonely. And who do you turn to when your people are lined up to ask you tough questions - and you don’t know the answers?

If you’re flipping houses right now, but you’re not running a real house-flipping business, those problems are only going to get worse.

Running a real estate business doing hundreds of transactions a year is tough.

In fact, some of our members said there were days they wanted to curl up in a ball and hide.

Some admitted they couldn’t break through to the next level on their own.

Others had a better grip on their growth. But they knew time was money. And they wanted to live on the Fast Track.

Which is really what CG is all about!

What Can CG Do For You?

We can help you…

Find $346K In Hidden Savings,

Then Invest That In The Right Advertising

That Lands You An Extra 24 Deals per Year

That’s what we did for Daryl Canlas.

Daryl was looking to increase deal flow.  

At the time, his main acquisition tool was direct mail postcards.  

From experience, we knew there was probably a lot of waste there.  So, we introduced him to Eli Fisher.  Eli is a list management genius.  

Now, when I say we “introduced” Daryl to Eli, I want you to understand how serious we take these introductions.

We use a strategy called forced connection.  Which basically means that we track everything to ensure commitments actually get done.

Eli applied his predictive analytics strategy to Daryl's Mailing Lists.

The Result? 

Daryl was able to cut his postcard mailings from 250,000 a month to 140,000 … without a drop in deal volume!

This saved them close to $346K a year!

Then, we introduced Daryl to another CG member that helped Daryl invest those savings into 100% trackable television advertising.

Yes, television advertising that’s fully trackable, so you know precisely how well it’s working.

(This television advertising program is exclusive to CG members by the way.)

By freeing up wasted money and investing it in another channel, Daryl added an extra 24 deals a year, without increasing ad spend.

Of course, it’s not just television. Our experts and Strategic Service Providers cover a wide array of marketing channels … ppc … direct mail … text message … dialers … retargeting … funnels … and more.

We can also help you...

We'll Train Your COO for You Too! So You Can Free Up 20-30 Hours Per Week (Without Losing Revenue)

The best way to do that is with a strong #2, a COO that can actually implement your vision.

If you’re like most investors who come to CG, you’re in one of two boats…

You don’t have a COO, but you want one.

Or you have a COO (or similar), but you know you haven’t positioned them for success.

Either way, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

After all, how can you be a true CEO of your business if you don’t have a strong #2 to go out and implement your vision?

Well, CG has that covered for you too.

That’s because we let you bring a #2 into CG at no extra charge.  It could even be a spouse.  Or an employee in your business that’s not a #2 yet, but you think they could be.

And once a month, they’ll attend their own online... “mastermind within a mastermind”

These are regular meetings with #2s from all across the country.  There, we’ll teach them how to implement and get results.


We’re NOT going to ask your #2 to reinvent the wheel.  

If you need better KPI tracking, the knowhow is already inside CG.  Just get your #2 to implement.

If you need a new hiring process, other CG members have already done it.

Listen, this free COO’s mastermind might just be the best thing that ever happened to your business if you really want to scale fast!

Take Jared Irby...

When Jared first joined CG, he was flipping houses. But he really wasn’t running a house-flipping business.

So, he was burning the candle at both ends just to make a living.

There Was No Way He Was Going To Scale Like That.

He had... No Org Chart ... No Culture Of Responsibility ... No Sales-Based Organization ... and Zero Interest In Figuring Out How To Build a Sales Team!

But, Jared had a secret weapon. Even if he didn’t realize it at first. He had a COO named Rhen Bartlett.

Rhen began attending the monthly COO calls along with all the #2s.

That’s when Rhen started plugging into the power of this mastermind within a mastermind.

Right away, he saw the org charts and systems the other COO’s were using.

So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, he piggybacked on what was already proven to work.

Rhen modeled their org charts …

Rhen Modeled Their Org Charts ...

Their accountability scorecards …

Their metrics dashboard & marketing systems

And even their hiring processes …

To create his own org charts, hiring systems, metrics dashboards, and more...

And, with these new systems in place, Jared’s REI company became a real business.

Yes, it was a lot of work.

But, remember, the business owner, Jared, didn’t have to do it. He simply had his #2, Rhen, attend the free COO’s mastermind. Then Rhen simply swiped what was already working and deployed it.

And it worked!

Even if you don’t think you’re ready for a #2, you can still do wonders with a Virtual Assistant like Geremy Heath did.

Geremy was looking for someone to manage his text-message marketing campaigns.

And he didn’t want the hassle of hiring an extra employee.

But the Virtual Assistant still had to be trained.  And Geremy didn’t want to create the training himself.

So, he asked in the Private CG “Members-Only” Facebook Group for help…

Within 2 hours, the CG community had responded.

Not only did they give him solid advice, they uploaded everything Geremy would ever need to train his Virtual Assistant to take over the text message campaigns.

Earlier, I showed you how one CG member, Daryl, freed up $346K a year in wasted postcard expenses.

But when it comes to saving you money, CG goes a lot further than that.

Because we’re 145 SERIOUS members strong, we have a lot of purchasing power.

So, we act as a purchasing conglomerate.

Remember Geremy, the member that got a complete Virtual Assistant training from the group in under 2 hours?

He had a complex tax problem. So he reached out to a member of the Group who provides tax planning via a cost segregation report.

These are expensive reports. But Geremy got a huge discount due to our buying power.

More importantly, the report revealed nearly $120,000 in tax savings!

And then there’s Jimmy Vreeland.

When Jimmy first joined CG we thought he was paying too much for insurance on his 104-unit portfolio.

So we sent him to our recommended Strategic Partner whose written over 3,500 policies for our members. And because of that buying power, we’ve negotiated heavy discounts.  So, we were able to drastically reduce Jimmy’s insurance without sacrificing his coverage.

How much did Jimmy save?

Let’s just say it covered his CG membership that first year, and every single year after that.

Here’s the bottom line…

If CG costs you money, you’re just not taking advantage of all the savings available to you.

Hire the RIGHT Top Talent the First Time

You know the secret to scaling your business is to hire real talent.  It’s the single most important thing you can do.But how do you attract ,train, and retain the best people?At CG, we’ve already got it figured out.

We’ve got job descriptions … hiring funnels … comp plans … and more. All you have to do is login to our Member’s Area and download what you need.

We even bring in talent consultants like Johnathon Whitman from Sales Boss.

Sales Boss did 4 sessions with our members, plus a Q&A call.

The series was designed to help our members build an accountable, top-performing sales team.

It covered best practices, and real-world strategies CG members implemented immediately.

You can find all of the Sales Boss sessions inside the Member’s Area as soon as you’re accepted to CG.

Access Our Rolodex of Strategic Partners to Quickly Find Real Expert that Can Help You Scale

Get access to a rolodex of trusted Strategic Partners who’ve done business with CG members for years. 

  • Outbound cold callers
  •  admin people
  •  loan originators
  •  Google Adwords providers
  •  TV advertising providers
  •  Landing page and funnel builders
  •  IRA & 401K services
  •  Direct Mail Printers
  •  Mailing lists/Data Analytics
  •  Portfolio Insurance providers
  •  CPAs and financial advisors
  •  PPC providers

And more!

Why CG Really is Different

First, as you’ve seen, we have REAL investors growing solid businesses, not simply flipping houses.

Combined, the 200+ members do north of 20,000 flips. And we own 38,000 doors.

What’s made CG so successful at helping our members build better businesses and better lives?

It’s our culture. We have a culture grounded in honoring our community.

We operate from a place of integrity.

And we’re Go-Givers.

Which means we SHARE. We don’t hold back secrets for ourselves.

And this is a big one that I mentioned briefly earlier…  

We all believe wholeheartedly in “FORCED CONNECTION”.

Forced connection is what makes sure we all start implementing new ideas, instead of just thinking about it.

If you’ve ever been to a mastermind, you know that people talk big.  I mean, they probably have the best of intentions, but they’re all talk and no action.

You know what I mean…

Somebody promises to give you a copy of a postcard that’s working really well in their area.

Somebody else commits to giving you a copy of a great ad to hire the perfect COO.

And somebody else says they’ll send you the name of the marketing software that’s revolutionized their business.

Then, you get home and … crickets. Nothing happens!

Yeah, maybe you had fun.

And maybe you learned.

But do meetings like that really help you grow your business?

Or take away some of your workload off your shoulders?

Or give you more vacation time?

If you’re like most investors I talk to, the answer is NO.

That’s why we take a totally unique approach at CG. 

We track and follow up on everything. To make sure it actually happens.

Take Billy Ross.  

Billy attended our last “hot seat” session.  Hot seats are where every other member of CG focuses on helping you bust through any plateaus.

Billy was having trouble visualizing how a business at least twice his size might operate. He couldn’t imagine a sales floor with 5 acquisition reps or more.

So, we promised to connect Billy with Phil Green. Phil is a San Diego flipper who does 220+ flips per year.

In other masterminds, that’s probably where it would have ended.

But at CG, we’re different. We kept on top of Billy and Phil until the meeting happened.

Of course, this kind of thing happens all the time inside CG.

We’re always connecting members with other members, with vendors, and more.

I call this service “THE CONNECTION CONCIERGE”.

Not only do we proactively connect you with the contacts that can remove roadblocks, and help you scale…

But we keep track of every single commitment, and make sure it happens.

Collective Genius is Probably Not For You

Truth is, CG is NOT for most investors.

CG is Elite. And so we turn down far more applicants than we accept.

As I said, we REALLY don’t just accept everyone...

It’s not about the money.

So, let me share with you who we ARE looking for…

  • You’re already a high-caliber investor. That’s because we’re not helping newbies get their feet wet. We’re helping investors who are already successful to scale.
  • You have integrity. You do what you say you’re going to do.
  • You have a sense of community. You’re willing to share freely with other members. And you expect the same in return.
  • You’re a Go-Giver. You focus on giving, not getting.
  • You’re disciplined. You know that ultimately, you’re the one that has to buckle down and execute the plan.

Still think you might be CG material?

Start Your Application Now.

This Might Be Even More Important

We’ve talked a lot about the business side of CG. About giving you everything you need to put your business on the Fast Track.  And free yourself from the daily grind.

About adding tens or hundreds more deals a year than you do right now.

That alone is worth hundreds of times the small investment required to join CG.

If you’re accepted.

But there are a couple of other things that might be even more important.

First, there are the relationships made inside of CG.

We take fun trips together.

Like the trip to  Zihuatanejo, Mexico

I told you about earlier.

That’s the beach paradise that ‘Andy Dufresne’ from Shawshank Redemption went to when he escaped prison.

Take a look…

Like Andy said, “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

CG members choose to live!

Here are some of us hitting the slopes in Vail, Colorado.

Here are some of us at Mt. Everest

And just having a little fun at the track.

There are some really cool opportunities to give back.

Giving back is the ultimate goal of many CG members.

So, they loved the opportunity to build houses in Mexico, an orphanage in Haiti, and wheelchairs in Jamaica.

CG Members Have Raised Millions For Those In Need.

And we’ve had a pile of fun doing it.

If making friends and making a difference while skyrocketing your own success sounds good to you,

click the button below to apply now.

Meet Your Collective Genius Leadership Team

Again, My Name is Jason Medley


CG Founder | Chief Connector
  • 19 Year Career In Real Estate/FinanceList Element
  • Partner In Over 1800 Multi-Family Doors With CG Members
  • Funded North of 1500 Loans
"We are a COMMUNITY of investors that is really focused around placing high caliber real estate investors on the FAST TRACK to becoming visionary leaders that scale their business, build wealth and give back.”

I started CG all those years ago.

And I’m as proud as any parent about watching my baby grow.

I’m a seasoned real estate investor. I’ve funded well over 1500 loans to CG members myself.

And I’m a partner in deals resulting in more than 1,800 doors, many of those with other CG members.

But my passion is continuing to strengthen the CG community.

I know that if we’re selective about which investors we let into CG … and if every member is coming from a position of helping the people in our community … then, together, we stand a pretty good chance of helping a whole lot of people.

And that’s worth getting up in the morning for...

Of course, I don’t run CG alone.

There’s my Director of Business Optimization, Frank Cava


Director of Business Optimization
  • 21 Year Career In Real Estate
  • 225+ Transactions/Flips Per Year
  • 200+ Unit Portfolio
“The Collective Genius is going to give you relationships and people to talk to and to be in front of who’re going through a similar struggle that you’re going through. You can talk to them, you can relate with them and you can problem solve with them.”

Frank owns a portfolio of over 200 units.  And that’s in addition to the 225 transactions he does every year.

Next, meet our Director of Member Results, Leon Barnes


Director of Member Results
  • 6 Year Career in Real Estate
  • 320+ Rehabs Under The Belt
"If you're struggling with scaling your business, hiring the right people, bringing in more leads, raising more capital, or frankly, just want to be around like-minded real estate investors that elevate your thinking, reach out to us."

Leon has more than 320 rehabs under his belt.

I hope you’re starting to get a glimpse of how CG really is a big family.

And why members stick around for so long.

If You Have to Ask “How Much"...

Then CG might not be for you...

I mean, we all have budgets.

And it’s a fair question.  

But the real question is "what is it costing you every day not to join?"

After all, what would it be worth to you if CG…

  • Helped you add an extra 50-100+ deals to your business every year.
  • Hooked you up with all the private money you’ll ever need.
  • Saved you weeks or months of time (by letting you access our library of templates, contracts, and more)
  • Trained your #2 for you, freeing up a dozen hours or more, every single week.

Any of those alone are worth 10 times the investment in CG. Together, they’re probably a return on investment of 100 times.

Put it this way… If you get just one deal done that you wouldn’t have otherwise, that deal should at least cover your investment in CG for an entire year.

Listen, I’m so confident that, if you’re a good fit for the group, CG will be the best investment you ever make.

And in the event that I’m wrong...

I’ll Gladly Wire Your Cash Right Back To You

As I’ve been saying all along… CG is not right for everyone.

After 12 years, and with 200+ solid, active members, I know who’s a good fit and who isn’t.

And I’m certain that, if you’re approved for CG, you’ll quickly recoup a minimum of 10 times your investment.

So, I’m prepared to make a bold guarantee…

If you’re accepted into CG.  And, in the first 30 days, you feel like it’s not for you, I’ll give you every penny of your money back.

Why would I make such a bold guarantee?

Because, if you’re a fit for CG, I don’t want risk to be the reason you fail to pull the trigger.

And my ace-in-the-hole is that we truly won’t let you in if you’re not a good fit.

If we let you in and you’re not a good fit, we’ll politely refund you and ask you to leave!

CG is NOT about packing as many paying-members in as possible.  

You have to be a great fit for our community.

Here's What Happens After You Apply

The application process is simple.
Just 3 steps…
  1. Click here to fill out a short application.  We use this application to disqualify people in advance we know are not a good fit.
  2. If your initial application is approved, you’ll get on a video call with Leon.  The call is NOT a thinly-disguised sales call.  Rather, it’s time for us to see if we make a good fit for each other.  In fact, many people have said these calls are valuable.  That’s because the call often becomes a consultation where Leon helps you break through barriers.
  3. If, during the call, Leon feels like you’d be a good fit for CG, he’ll explain the program in detail.  He’ll answer any questions you may have.  And then he’ll invite you to become a member. 

Of course, there’s no pressure for you to do so. And, don’t be offended if you’re not offered a spot in CG either.

As I said earlier, many apply but few are accepted.

The Whole Process Is Simple And Direct.

If You’re Ready To Get Started, Please Begin Your Application Now.

Here Are Your Options

The way I see it, you have 2 choices.

First, you could close this page and try to scale your business on your own.

But if you do that, are you really going to make any significant progress?

If you’re your own worst enemy, you may never get unstuck.

I’ve seen a lot of investors who never do.  And their business dies a slow death.

Taking their dreams with it.

That’s why I’m hoping that, if you’re a fit, you take the other path and apply for CG instead.

With my risk-free guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. And so much to gain.

If you’re approved, you’ll join the most Elite REI Mastermind in the nation.

You’ll be on the Fast Track. With the systems and strategies … and most importantly, the connections and relationships … you need to scale your business to new heights.

Jason Medley CEO The Collective Genius
Jason Medley

I hope to see you On The inside!

100% No Risk


Our 100% No Risk Guarantee is very simple and is set up to be fair to both you as a potential member and for us as a community.


If your application passes initial screening we will review it with you, discuss your challenges and how our community can solve them.  If we both agree there is potential for massive mutual benefit you will be invited to become a member of The Collective Genius Mastermind which are held physically as well as virtually.

With that said, we will continue vetting each other during the first 30 days of your membership.  We want to see your level of contribution to the group, while at the same time you will want to determine the value that The Collective Genius brings to you.

At any time during the first 30 days of your membership, either of us decides we are no longer the right fit, we will refund you 100% of your initial investment.  


No questions asked.

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